Thursday, August 2, 2012

Marriage Retreat: A Movie Review

This past weekend, Michael and I watched a movie. Believe it or not, this is a RARE occurrence in the Ritter house.
A friend sent us a copy of the new movie "Marriage Retreat"to review.
So, we popped it in the DVD player.

Let me first say that I did not fall asleep.
Now, I realize that doesn't sound like a glowing review, but hear me out.
I tend to fall asleep within 20 minutes of anything on television. Even if it's scary, or loud, or my favorite show. I just generally fall asleep within 20 minutes, and my point is, I did not fall asleep when I was watching Marriage Retreat.

If you're a Christian, you will totally get this concept.  Marriage retreats are a totally "Christian" thing that we do, right? Every church passes out literature or plays videos about marriage retreats. I remember when I was single, always thinking, those sound so great - too bad those are only for married people! Random.

Michael and I haven't ever been on an all-out marriage retreat, but we have been to a one day simulcast of speakers talking about marriage at our church.

I guess I say all of that to give myself a little bit of cred. I get the whole marriage retreat concept. And, by the way, I'm all for it.

The storyline follows three married couples that are all in different stages of their marriages, but they're all at kind of a contentious spot. One wife is ready to have a baby, but her husband isn't. One husband is a hot soap opera actor and his wife is a little bit protective and controlling. Another husband lost his fortune and is now getting caught up in gambling and get-rich-quick schemes, and his wife is over it.

They are given the opportunity to go on a marriage retreat.  They all go, obviously. I don't want to spoil the ending for you, but I do want to let you know that I definitely LAUGHED OUT LOUD at some parts.  They hit some of the standard husband/wife/Christian things on the head and it is very funny.

We also get to know the couple who is leading the marriage retreat, who is actually going through a bit of a turning point themselves.  One of my favorite parts of the movie is the interaction between them. It's really, very sweet.

Here's the preview to the movie:

Parts of it were a bit cheesy to me, but I am new to the "Christian" movie scene.  It really is a good movie, though. I think couples will enjoy watching this together.

And even if you aren't married and don't go on marriage retreats, I promise, you will still laugh out loud, and have some very important lessons to learn from this movie.

The DVD comes out August 14th. You can find out more about "Marriage Retreat" here.
Here here to strong marriages!


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