Thursday, August 30, 2012

Friends at the Paralympic Games

One of our favorite perks of this blog is meeting new friends. When readers are in the area, or we're in their area, they often reach out to us to get together. This has been so much fun. We have so many new friends across the country.
One of these couples are the Reagans. They live in Ohio. Alicia is paralyzed, Jimmy is in ministry. They have a busy family. This week the Reagans are in London for the Paralympic games. In case you were unaware, the world's disabled athletes compete on the heels of the Olympic games in the host city and venues. They don't receive the same attention or crowds, but the international competition is much the same.

Alicia and Jimmy are there to support ministry work reaching out to the game attendees. They went to share the reason for their faith with people from around the world. When Dana told me about it I was jealous of them. Then I realized I haven't gone out with the sole purpose of sharing my faith with others in a LONG time.

It's not like they're wearing white shirts with black ties and name badges or standing around with a bull horn and tacky posters. They have pamphlets, but not posters. They're just out there enjoying the amazing opportunity with the purpose of doing something for God.

As I read their updates, it's great to see their enthusiasm.

A big reward is how much they are enjoying each other. Jimmy shared how good this trip has been for their marriage. They are meeting new people, seeing the sights, and living an adventure; and they're doing it together! It's one of those lessons we have learned that when we are doing something together with purpose it is that much sweeter and we grow much closer.

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