Saturday, August 4, 2012

24 Hours to Myself

Last weekend, I spent about 24 hours alone.
It was necessary.
I was feeling stressed out, and burned out, and like I just needed a break.
So, I booked a hotel room online.
Michael was super sweet and supportive about the whole thing.
Here's a look at my time, in pictures.
I drove about an hour north of where we live, to Annapolis, MD. I went to the beach (as close as it gets to a real beach around here), went to an outlet mall (no photos of that) checked into my hotel, walked around Downtown, bought myself a little prize, took myself out to dinner, and got ice cream on the way back to my hotel.  I fell asleep during the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics during the "B" countries, woke up the next morning refreshed and did yoga, spent some time writing, then came home.
Mission accomplished.


Coffee Mom said...

Annapolis is one of my favorite places on earth!! I miss living right around the corner from it. Great choice for a getaway! Was that a Storm Brothers ice cream cone??

Dana Brown Ritter said...

Hey girl! I thought of you when I saw signs for Bowie! I got the ice cream at Kilwins.

Cheri said...

Looks amazing! hope you ot refreshed!