Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday Morning Post: A Week in My Life

Well, good morning y'all!
Here I am, on my end of the couch, with a puggle snuggled to my right, and a heating pad under me - ready to start the weekend with all of you!

I feel like this was a bit of a crazy week.  My boss was out, so I had to play boss lady on what happened to be one of the busiest weeks of the Summer at the DC news bureau where I work.

I had sinus issues and hardly slept all week, so I ended up sleeping pretty much all of Friday afternoon.

I saw so many friends this week - new and old and in between.  It was great!

Monday, I met up with my friend Kim for breakfast in DC.  Funny background story: The last time I wore this blue and white dress I was meeting a friend from church for coffee, and I went to the wrong Caribou.  Then I had to hustle around downtown to the right Caribou.  And I ended up all sweaty.

Monday, I was meeting Kim at Luna Grill. Somehow my brain understood that as "Cafe Luna," so I put that in my phone, and walked 0.6 miles to the wrong location, then realized this dress failed me again, and I was at the wrong place. So, eventually, we got together, and I was all sweaty, again.

I think I will just wear that dress around the house, or to the pool, from now on.

Anyway - breakfast with Kimberly was wonderful! Hearing about all of the exciting things going on in her life, and sharing our hopes and dreams together. Kimberly is a special person to me, and I'm pumped to know her!
Tuesday, I spent most of the day in the feed room (that's not a place to eat - it's a place where we record video of various news events) watching various Congressional hearings about the implementation and aftermath of the Supreme Court's ruling on the President's health care plan.

It was fine.  For like three hours.  Then, I found myself wishing I was in Iowa, on the campaign trail.
Tuesday, Michael came in to work with me and worked out of our office for the day (his job is mobile and can be done from anywhere).  After work, we met up with old friends of his from when he was a little boy.
We took the metro over to Union Station to meet them.  More on that, in just a bit.

These weren't just any friends. These were friends that are like family to my husband. He and his brother grew up with their kids.  They are like an aunt, uncle, and cousins to him.  They were visiting DC, on vacation.  We ate at Uno's.
It was a great time of catching up (for Michael), of getting to know each other (for me) and laughing and praying together.

After the fact, I realized that Michael hadn't seen Glen and Paula in 20 years, so that meant he hadn't seen them since before his injury. Holy elephant in the room, right? I didn't even put that together while we were together.  We're all Facebook friends now, and I look forward to keeping in touch with them.

On the way home from dinner, a major storm moved through DC.  We took the metro back to my office (as far as we could get with metro having a couple of elevators down anyway, GRR) and it was POURING rain.  So, we ducked into a CVS for a bit.  Then, looking at the radar, we realized the rain was not going anywhere anytime soon, so we went for it.

Six blocks in the pouring down rain.  Pushing my husband through puddles that were ankle deep for me, all kinds of people looking at us like we were crazy.  So wet we looked like we were taking a shower in our clothes.  We figured we'd just look at it like an adventure, a memory, maybe even a future blog post!

We made it back to the bureau.  At that point, I was just so ready to get home.  So tired. My fingers were pruned, my back hurt and we were both soaking wet.  Then, we had a little bit of a - ahem - marital issue.  You know, the good ol' I-see-it-this-way but you-see-it-that-way so let's get into a little pouty (that's my part) fight in the car about it.

We got through that as well.  I was able to do the transfers soaking wet, lifting a man who was soaking wet and wearing jeans (heavy) and we got home with our marriage still in tact.  We did have an iPhone casualty, though. Bummer on that.

What a night!

Wednesday. Are you still with me?
Craziness at work that included some very important people in town.
Followed by dinner with one of my best friends in the world - a girl who was a bridesmaid in my wedding - and has a special ability to make me laugh so hard it hurts, Gretchen.
We were both having a bit of a fat day, so we decided a picture of our cupcakes would suffice as a memory of our time together. Gretchen was in town for just one day for work. We met up for Thai food and then walked around Tyson's Corner and got dessert.  I was laughing so hard I was crying, about 2 minutes after I picked her up from her hotel.

I needed this.  It was so much fun. And, isn't it so great when you meet up with a good friend you haven't seen in a while, and you feel like you were just hanging out yesterday?  

Can't wait to see her again.

Thursday, I worked almost all day at the White House.
I hadn't been there in a few months, so it was nice to go to the briefing, and work in our tiny basement office, alone.

I also saw some old friends! Check this out:
The four of us all used to work together, at a different media organization.  Now, we're all working for different media organizations covering the White House. Well, two of them work for the same network, but whatever.  Here we all are! That's Joe, me (looking a hot mess), Kim (see above) and Wes posing like tourists in the White House Briefing Room.

Shortly after this picture was taken my dear friend Becky came in and asked, "Is this a meeting of Dana's friends?" I love Becky! I need to get together with her soon.

Then, we all saw a mouse running around in the briefing room. A mouse in the White House! This apparently is not a new development.  Great...

I had a special assistant join me in the office.
A broadcasting legend - Brokaw.
We shared a Chick Fil A fruit cup on the way in to work.
We made a Starbucks run together.
And there he is under the conference room table during the morning editorial meeting.

See, I told you - a great week of seeing friends!
And a crazy week at work (I leave out intimate work details on purpose).
Now, I'm ready for a relaxing, anti-social weekend, haha!

You wanted a slice of my life - you got it!

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