Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saturday Morning Post: After the Storm

Good Saturday morning, everyone.
I am so thankful that we have power this morning.
Some crazy thunderstorms rolled through the area overnight.

We have a big window in our bedroom.  When I noticed the lightning flashing, I opened the blinds, pulled them all the way up, and snuggled up next to my Michael. We watched the lightning flash, and the trees sway, and the rain pound the window.  Probably not the safest thing in the world, but it was romantic. I love a good storm.

Our power flashed a few times overnight but it is on this morning and the A/C is blasting. Thank God.  I went outside to check on our SUV and our plants, and everything is fine.  There was a tree branch right BESIDE our car, but thankfully not on it.  And the only casualty from our porch was the American flag I got yesterday at the Dollar Tree for July 4th.  It was on the ground, still in one piece.  I picked it back up.

I'm sure our plants loved the storm.  It has been very hot lately, and they can't seem to get enough to drink.  I feel bad for them.  Oh, check this out:

I found this wrought iron hanging plant thing near a dumpster.  I have always wanted one of these! Score!  So, yesterday, I bought a hanging basket from my favorite local produce stand which also happens to sell plants and flowers. 

Rorer's Produce is a quaint, locally owned business on Route 1.  It's been family owned for like 30 years.  I love places like this. Buy local, shop small businesses and do your part to bring our economy back!!

When I first started writing this, Brokaw was begging me for a rawhide chew.  Now he is snoring.  I love it when I win. 

I need to get going. I have to get Michael up and ready, and take the dogs to the groomer (Princess is getting a total doggie makeover and B is getting his nails did).  We are planning to go to a concert at Kings Fest at King's Dominion tonight, but I'm kind of concerned about the storms.  

Have a great day, everyone!


Bethany Marchese said...

That storm hit Ohio bad!! Billy & I was out of power from 5 yesterday evening till noon today.a tree branch fell on the power cords right behind Billy's apartment and there was a HUGE fire in the street. It was horrible. I'm glad you guys are safe & you didn't lose power. Stay safe & blessed

Dana Brown Ritter said...

Oh Bethany, I'm so sorry you guys had to go without power for that long. It's scary when you really NEED the power!

Bethany Marchese said...

Oh yeah definitely! I was worried about Billy all night long because he had to sleep without his bipap, without that it tends to mess him up well just not him anyone that has to use one. But we're are good now. We can't wait to get a good night sleep tonight. :)