Sunday, May 6, 2012

Our Pretty Porch

I just love the way the morning sun kisses our little porch.  I long for the day we live in a house, and can plant things in the ground, and have a real garden.  But, I try to be content with what we have.  And right now, that's a little apartment porch, and it is very pretty.  Our flowers make me smile every time I pull up.

Plant life is generally Michael's department. Because unless you bark or beg or meow, I will likely forget to feed/water you.  

Don't ask me what we planted out there.  Like I said, this is hubs' department.  He takes care of the plants.  He waters them. He probably talks to them, he could make friends with a tree. Plants like conversation though, right?

We got everything at a local garden store, thanks to a Groupon.  Nothing against Home Depot, but we are trying to be more intentional about buying everything we can locally.  I really believe if we are going to help our economy turn around, we need to do our part.

Plus, they gave us this purple and yellow flower plant for free. Because apparently it's a Winter plant, and was going to die immediately.  That was about 3 weeks ago.

Here is my little herb garden.  This year I'm growing basil, rosemary and thyme. Yum, yum and yum.  Im also growing some gourmet lettuce, you can see the leaves for that peeking in on this picture, on the right.  I'm so happy it's all getting bigger!

Our porch doesn't get much "full sun" so impatiens are our ideal flower. They are exploding!

 Last year, as the landscaping guys were working in our apartment complex, Michael stopped them and got them to bring us the cut up tree stumps.  They are so pretty, and we get compliments on them all the time.  Sometimes it pays off that he loves to talk to strangers.

I think my favorite thing this year is these big pots where we mixed the flowers and plants.  I love the way they look. Don't ask me what's in there. I have no idea. But it's pretty!

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gentrier said...

We have a potted garden on our porch too! Tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, jalepenos, cilantro, bell peppers, strawberries, and a pretty bright yellow flower of some sort! And yep, it's all Matt's department:) #twilightzone