Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Paralysis Tip#1: Find a Good Sports Bottle

We often run into obstacles with paralysis. One of mine is getting enough water. Paralysis affects the body's circulatory system and the function of the bladder and bowels. Recommended water intake is higher than average for most paralyzed folks. This is a challenge when it's difficult to pick up a cup in the first place or sit up in bed.

I used to have a sport bottle with a long, flexible straw. We got the bottle from somebody at Miami General Hospital when I was recovering. It served me for almost 15 years! Unfortunately, it didn't have a handle and leaked if turned sideways.

Dana bought two Camelbak sport bottles just before we got married that fit the bill. These bottles have a thumb-sized plastic loop on top that is easy to grab. Their fold-down nozzle seals the bottle when closed and have a rubber cap that opens when squeezed.

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Anonymous said...

Great idea! I'll have to look for these. We strap an actual Camelbak to Jim's power chair and hook the mouthpiece to his shirt which he can grab anytime to ensure he stays hydrated throughout the day. Mike, are you able to use small plastic juice cups at home? I was thinking of filling our cabinets with these since Jim has tendonesis and is able to grasp but nothing too heavy. -Karen Kleyle