Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Help Erica Get Some New Wheels

I have introduced you guys to my friend Erica before.  She really is an incredible woman who is rocking this whole move-on-with-your-life-after-a-spinal-cord-injury thing like it's nobody's business.

She has an amazing opportunity this month.  A chance at winning an accessible van that she can DRIVE HERSELF.

As someone who physically lifts my husband in and out of our SUV every time we go anywhere, I can see the value in this.  I *can't wait* until the day Michael is driving me around! Haha.

Watch Erica's video:

And go to vote here. Use the promo code 831.  You can vote once a day! Please share this around, and let's all pull together to get Erica some new wheels!  Maybe if she wins, she will road trip it out to DC and come see us!

1 comment:

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