Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday Morning Post: Am I Boring Now?

Happy Saturday to all of you out there!
It's nice and quiet in our little apartment, even though it's technically not really that early any more.  I have been sleeping in later and later - I think it's because I'm exercising, and sleeping better.

Do you feel like this blog has been a little boring lately?  Because, honestly, I do.  I feel like the real connections are made over the posts where we are pouring our broken hearts out, or lifting the veil and showing what this "life with a disability" or "having a paralyzed husband" is like.

And you know what?
It's been just fine lately.
No major drama.
And that's a GOOD thing.

But, I feel a little boring.  So, thanks for hanging here with us, I do NOT hope for drama, but I am praying for creative ways to tell our story without having/creating it.

::Note: Brokaw just grabbed one of Michael's shoes off the floor.  Better go get that. ::

Okay, I'm back.

More about my life lately: I am not reading the Hunger Games, or seeing the movie, and I did not buy a lottery ticket.  I'm so not cool.

I've just been cooking...

Driving in horrible DC traffic...

Working... (okay, so interviews with Presidential candidates are NOT boring for ME, but they might be for you!)

Also NOT boring for me, but probably to you... we got a new kitchen floor this week and I LOVE it.

So, there you go. I'm feeling very not cool and boring, but very, very HAPPY.  Life is good.

Even if it is boring.

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gentrier said...

U r not boring. As a blog follower I appreciate your normalness and understand life isn't always chaotic;)