Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dates, Cupcakes, a Book, and an Old Friend

About 13 years ago (oy!) I was a little baby broadcast news intern at WSLS in Roanoke.  Tamara Durika Johnson was an evening news producer, and she was nice enough to let me write horrible :15 second readers and :30 second VOs for her newscast.  Then, she moved onto a bigger market, and I got hired for my very first job!  So, I have always been thankful for her.

I hadn't seen her since like 2000 or 2001, but recently we've been back in touch over the last year or so thanks to Facebook!

In addition to being an intern-friendly producer, Tamara is an amazing author!  You have to read her book, "31 Dates in 31 Days."  It's the real-life story of Tamara going on 31 dates in 31 days, and spending only $31.00 on each date.  It's more than a dating book, though.  Tamara brings you along on her journey of self discovery, and trust me - you will laugh - and cry - right along with her, and probably learn a little about yourself too. Buy it. Read it. Love it.

It was so neat to see her the other day after so long.  She treated us to a cupcake from Buzz Bakery (yum!) and since I have the Kindle version of her book, she autographed a bookmark for me. :)

Michael and I both enjoyed talking with her and her husband, Evan.  It was great to meet him, after reading about him in the book!

After the book signing/meet and greet, we were inspired to go on a little date night of our own!
Michael and I walked across the street and ate at Rustico for the first time, and wow!

It was the best, most unique dining experience we've had in a while! My swordfish was A.MAZING.

My date was pretty delicious, too.

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