Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012 (in pictures)

Since our small group meets at our house on Tuesday nights, we actually went out to dinner on Monday night.  To Chili's. For free, thanks to a gift card. :) Yay. Thank you.

Michael texted me at work Monday to ask if I wanted to go out, because his plan to make dinner at home was not coming together as he had hoped.  I was all for it.

When I got home, I saw that he was all dressed up!  You can't really tell here, but under that fleece pull-over, he's sporting a TIE.

I'm not gonna lie. I was jealous.  I wanted to be all fresh and dressed up too, but oh well. Brokaw looks jealous in this picture, doesn't he? Such a character.

I have no pictures from Chili's.  We did the two for $20 and it was amazingly yummy.

Tuesday morning, the actual Valentine's Day, we had our traditional celebration.
Which, of course, included Red Velvet cupcakes for breakfast.  Notice those hearts on the wall in the background? They were actually Christmas decorations that I left up for Valentine's Day.  Anyone else find it funny that I took my Christmas decorations down on Christmas Day, yet, this Valentine's Day stuff is still up... oops.
Then, we opened our cards. My mom always sends us something sweet.  Looking forward to enjoying a trip to Cold Stone Creamery sometime soon. :)
Our rule for Valentine's Day is that the gift has to be homemade.  Because we know we show love to each other every single day, so we don't have to spend a bunch of money to prove a point.  We keep it simple, and homemade.  So, Michael painted me this water color card with a very sweet letter on the back, just for me.

For my part, I have no pictures, of course.  I decorated his bathroom mirror with stick-on hearts, and left him notes all over the house.  It was a fun little plan! :)

I'm also working on a friendship bracelet for him. His request!
Remember making friendship bracelets? I remember making my mom and dad buy me string every time we went to Roses. Remember Roses? And those little clear plastic boxes we kept our string in, color coded, of course?

I distinctly remember having my own little friendship bracelet making small business in the 5th grade.  And I swear I could crank out a bracelet for a customer while in Math class.

Well. I seem to have lost my skillz.
Because I worked on this for a good hour, and this was all I had to show for it.
Oops.  So, yeah, I had to punt.  I made him a bracelet in a much simpler design.  And, it's actually too big, so I'm probably going to just keep going with it and make it a necklace.

So glad we are already happily in love.  Because by anyone else's Valentine's standards, this stuff would probably be a little lacking. There was no candlelight, expensive dinner on a white table cloth. There were no roses delivered to the office. No jewelry.

But I think we would both agree, it was perfect. And we are perfectly in love with each other.
Now, I need to take this Valentine's Day crap down! Haha.


Tonja said...

Robby and I will be married 25 years in July. We bought each other a card and wrote some sweet stuff in them. We went out to eat since Papa and Nana Jean were here to hang with the girls. I was so excited because we were going to Bonefish and I had never been there. Robby left work early and we got there at 5 pm. The Manager asked us if we had a reservation. Huh? Uh no! "Please stand over here to the side." Two more couples come in and he put them on a 50 minute waiting list and never came back to us. After 10 minutes we left and went to Carino's and enjoyed a great dinner TOGETHER! We then went to the mall and just walked around, talking without any little voice interrupting us. Other than our dinner, there were no flowers or candy or jewelry. Just US!!! I love Robby and that is enough. Thanks for sharing your Valentine's Day on here with me.

Becky said...

You crack me up about the friendship bracelet business in the 5th grade. I'm sure I was an unknown competitor of your business!! :) Our Valentine's Day was even more lame. Brian had basketball practice and I ate dinner with my pastor and his wife. Brian did have flowers and chocolates and a gift for me when I saw him after practice!!

Jamie Bastas said...

Ha ha ha! I wouldn't know how to make those bracelets anymore either. I've been thinking about trying to figure it out, but after reading your post, I think I'll just try to remember what once was!