Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday Morning Post (and a video!)

I woke up earlier than I was planning to wake up this morning. Scratch that. A certain Puggle woke me up earlier than I was planning to wake up this morning.

So, here I am.  I just started drinking my coffee, even though I have technically been awake for an hour.  I blame my iPad. That's right, MY iPad!!

Uncle Sam's refund helped me reach my goal earlier than I expected, so Michael and I both have new iPads. (Which you know because of his awesome homemade iPad cases) They are super fun.  Coolest to do list I've ever had.  Looking forward to learning how to use it more, and finding cool apps, etc.

Of course, now that he has woken me up, and been outside and been fed, Brokaw is now back asleep.  So not fair!

I've been thinking more and more lately about wanting to have a baby.  Then, I have a Saturday morning like this, where a dog wakes me up at 7:00am and I'm grumpy about it, and I remember. I am so not ready for a baby.

Today, I'm going thrift store shopping with my friend, Jessi! I am looking forward to it.  I grew up shopping in thrift stores with my Granny Nora.  She taught me how to treasure hunt!  Plus, I haven't seen Jessi in a while, so it will be fun to connect.

It's allegedly going to snow tomorrow afternoon, but I'm noticing all of the weather guys dialing back their forecast.  It's fine with me. I'm not a big snow fan! Not a big fan of Winter at all for that matter.

We're doing good. It's been a good week. I have some pictures to share, so standby for a bit of a blog-a-thon!

Now, for fun: The other night, I took a video of Brokaw tucking himself in our bed.  This is our nightly ritual, while Michael is in the bathroom getting ready for bed, Brokaw does this and I watch.  Please pardon my breathy background noise - I was trying so hard not to laugh!

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Diane Moody said...

Sooooo funny! Was he pretty bummed after not quite getting settled in? LOL