Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Open Doors for Ministry Together

Tonight is the culmination of a year of really significant growth and prayers. We host our first small group. While Dana and I have both filled ministry roles in our lives, we are seeing God use us in ministry together.

About a year ago our pastor and another pastor from our church each prayed specifically that God would use us to do His work together. At a men's getaway I shared with one of our pastors the struggle we were having with my disability being in the way of our doing greater things in our marriage. He prayed for Dana to see her role and for me to be a stronger and better husband.

We have seen these prayers answered as you have responded to our story and as our church has asked more of us in our ministry. We do not feel qualified to be given such responsibilities. We do not consider ourselves significant. But we are stepping out to share our story.

Dana has worked very hard at this. She is spear heading so many of these initiatives. As you all read, post, and reach out to us you are confirming these steps of faith. Your response makes it worthwhile. I'm so proud of her and grateful for you all. We are seeing wonderful things as we grow I to doing ministry together.


Anonymous said...

How'd it go?!

SO excited for you guys!

Cheri said...

We are sure that God has great things planned for you and also to do his work through you. I'm so glad I found your page so my husband and I can watch the progress!

Diane Moody said...

Read your post this morning and I've been praying for you guys all day! I know you all were surely a tremendous blessing to everyone who came tonight! Anxious to hear about it! You all just blow me away . . . how you do all that you do?! But it's always such a joy and blessing to follow your blog posts. THANK you for sharing. You'll never know this side of heaven how many of us you've blessed along the way.
Love you!

Mike Ritter said...

We had a great first two sessions. Good growing opportunity for us.