Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Little Planning Goes a Long Way

This morning when I left for work, I had to run back into the apartment. Twice.
Once for a pair of jeans.
And again, for a pair of flats.


Not for my work day, but for our evening plans.
Our church is having a Fat Tuesday service tonight in DC.  So, I knew Michael would be taking the metro into the City, and we would meet for dinner, then go to church.  Then, metro home, where my car is parked in a blue spot. (Thankfully I did not get any dirty looks when I parked this morning!)

I'm glad I remembered the logistics of tonight before I walked out the door this morning, because I'm wearing a black pencil skirt today, and it doesn't have much, ahem, give.  No way this girl is squatting in this skirt. 

Hence, the jeans.  I do a super squat when I lift Michael into our SUV, which I will do to get us home from the metro station later tonight.  With no jeans, there would no doubt be some sort of public nudity involved. Not saying I haven't done it before (making sure no one was around when I pulled my skirt ALL the way up, of course), but it's cold now!

And transfers in heels, which I'm also wearing to work today, are generally a bad idea.  Hence, the flats.

So, I'm prepared.  A little planning goes a long way.
There was a time that doing little things like this were a big worry for me.  I stressed about parking, and transfers and metro elevators that may or may not work.  Not saying I didn't check the metro website like 47 times today, but I think I'm getting much better.

Now to change and head over to meet my man for dinner. 
Cheers, y'all.

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Mike Ritter said...

Hey! I though I was in charge of checking the metro website ;-)