Sunday, February 12, 2012

Homemade iPad Cases

We got iPads! I'm really excited to use mine to get a lot of "work" done. It was so funny to see Dana get determined to get them then go pick them up first chance she got.

Now that we have them we have to protect them. The cases at Target seemed overpriced. Amazon Prime has us spoiled. Since it's the weekend there is no overnight shipping.

My crafty buddy Jason was over yesterday and my mind started racing to homemade iPad cases. It turned out great.

Mine is a long-term fix. I saw folio style iPad cases online. He and I scavenged through the cabinets for our materials. We used:
An old 3-ring binder
Athletic tape
Elastic band
Paper cutter

Jason cut the plastic around the cardboard in the binder. He sized the iPad to the pieces and scored them on the paper cutter. He scored and cut one piece to height. He then scored the side to wrap around the iPad. He cut and scored the other piece the same. He then cut the extra off the end. He used athletic tape to bind the edges and folds on the sides. He glued elastic bands to hold the iPad in place and across the front to hold the flap.

We made another case from bubble wrap for Dana's until she gets a long-term case. It was really simple. He cut the wrap to the height of the iPad and a little more than enough to go around the iPad. He taped the side and bottom with bubbles out then turned it inside out like a pillow case and taped the edges too. The bubbles were on the inside now. He taped a seam in the middle that was perforated. It actually made a nice style element.

We're looking forward to using our new homemade iPad cases.


Anonymous said...

I love it when you reuse and renew instead of throw away. Very smart use of available materials. Love from great Aunt Joyce.

Mike Ritter said...

Big thanks to Jason. Working great!

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