Saturday, February 18, 2012

Freezer February Update

Well, we're more than half way through the month of February, which I consider glorious news because I have long considered February to be the whitest, fattest month of the year. Thank God that even in a Leap Year, it's the shortest month.

I have to admit to you that I did cheat a bit on Freezer February.  I bought some chicken last weekend and made chicken mushroom stroganoff. I did. I think I spent all of $4.00 on said chicken.  Oops.

Other than that slip up, we have stuck to the rules, and have been eating the contents of our freezer.  We have emptied the whole first shelf that was full of meat.

We ate the Omaha Steaks hot dogs.
I made beef teriyaki for some friends (a wounded warrior family) and for us.
Quick recipe for you on this weeknight favorite:

Heat 2 tablespoons vegetable oil in pan.
Add strips of steak. (whatever you have on hand)
Cook through.
Add broccoli* and carrots and celery, chopped, into pan.
Simmer together until vegetables are tender yet still a little crisp.
Add a cup of teriyaki sauce with sesame seeds.
In a separate pot, make some rice.
Dish beef and vegetable mix over rice.
Enjoy with Diet Coke. :)

*This week, I used frozen broccoli, so I actually steamed that in the bag in the freezer, and mixed the broccoli in with the beef/carrot/celery mixture just as I was plating it up.  Cooked frozen broccoli would have come apart if I put it in the saute pan with everything else.

Last night we had baked lemon salmon and homemade mashed potatoes and garlic knots (oops... I bought those this week with a coupon!)

I have saved money this month on my groceries, though.  Last Saturday, I made a big Aldi trip that cost me all of $69.00.

I spent $130 this week at Harris Teeter, but it was for a good cause.  They were having "Super Doubles" so I actually saved $110, and got quite a few items for my (just starting) stock pile.

One of Michael's home health aides raided the stock pile for toilet paper. Grr. Oh well.

Anyway, Freezer February is going well.  I think the only meat we have left in the Freezer is one London Broil.  We'll take care of that this week.  There is A LOT of ice cream and A LOT of muffin batter, scones and smashed bananas for banana bread.  I am not including that stuff in my "eat by the end of February" goal, because my butt does not need to get any bigger!! Haha!

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