Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sign Up for E-Mail Updates

Dearest Blog Readers,
We hope you know how much you mean to us!  There are some exciting things going on in our lives right now, specifically related to this little blog.  We are working on building an e-mail address so we can send out monthly newsletters, and big announcements - like when our eBook is finished! And, we hope to do some pretty cool give-aways soon.  So, please share your e-mail address with us.
A couple of promises:
-We PROMISE to not give your e-mail address to anyone else
-We PROMISE to not e-mail you more than once a month
-We PROMISE not to send you any spam.  Ever.

Just to be clear - this is not where you sign up to receive an e-mail to let you know when there is a new blog post. You can sign up for that if you want, over on the right hand side of the screen.

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