Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday Morning Post

Well, Good Morning, y'all.
What a week it has been.
It was hard.
It was great!
But, I am glad it's over.

There's a little bit of snow on the ground and the local news is squeezed back, and freaking out.  I love watching these people on TV but boy, am I glad I am not out in it, or in the control room, trying to decide which live shot with half an inch of snow to go to next.  Lol.

My best friend, Ann, made it home from Thailand and I got to talk to her on the phone!
We're still waiting on official word on when my brother, Chris, gets home from Afghanistan, but we're getting close, and that has everyone in my family on edge.
I was in DC this week, not in South Carolina - which led to some serious campaign withdrawals!
I was actually in the office for the first time in 5 weeks - and it was slightly stressful.

Wednesday and Friday, we had home health care providers come and take care of Michael in the morning. My plan to go to the gym was tweaked a little - Wednesday I went to Starbucks.  Friday I went to work early (which I later realized was a mistake, because I ended up staying late). I am still getting used to this.
I saw a friend this week and found out she is pregnant!
Paula Deen is diabetic.
I cancelled a double date last night with another friend I haven't seen in forever because Michael and I were having a little, ahem, marriage communication hiccup.
Two GOP presidential candidates dropped out.
I decided to get back on the couponing train in order to save enough money to buy myself and Michael both iPads.  I'm excited about this goal! I love goals, I ATTACK them.
Etta James died.
I realized, yet again, that I am a control freak and part of that is my nature, but quite frankly, part of that is sinful, and I had to repent and turn from that.  Sin = never fun!

I tried Starbucks' new lighter roast.
And realized, I like my coffee dark, and bold.
And my hair, blonde.
Three out of five of my morning commutes took more than an hour. Not cool.

I made FOUR new connections online with couples who are also juggling a disabilities in their lives, and over the next week, I am going to meet THREE of these people in person. I am beyond stoked about this.

I am so excited to see what this year will bring for us, our marriage, and our ministry!  Chances are, it will be much like this last week - dreams coming true, my sin ruining some things, some of "my" plans working out, and some fizzling out, and Michael and I growing closer to God, and each other in the end. Don't you wish you could pick out the parts of life that are fun, exciting, and good and what you want, and just have those and leave the other stuff behind?

Yeah, that would be nice.

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Alicia Reagan said...

Love this post! Love you a blonde too!:)

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