Friday, January 20, 2012

Managing Care and Marriage

Whenever a couple gets married there are several things to work out. One of the things Dana and I are still working through is managing my care. It's really complicated because I'm not physically able to do it, so ultimately rely on Dana for so much. For her, as she has described, she feels it's a responsibility. When I do take the reins, it is a problem.

We both have best intentions. We both want to help each other. We both want to do what we should.

This isn't a deep or raw entry. Maybe our readers have some insight. Feedback is welcome.

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Anonymous said...

I would take advantage of any and all assistance available to you and that way Dana only has to fill in any gaps that may come up. But you probably should do whatever you think is best for the marriage in the long run. I can't say what that is. That is something you two probably talk about/pray about. Do whatever the Lord leads. He knows best :)