Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Exciting News: Blogging on Caregiving.com

I have some exciting news for you guys.  As if you don't get enough of me pouring my guts out here, haha!

Seriously, this is an answer to prayer.  I have prayed, asking God where he would lead us and this blog in 2012, and I felt like the goal should be growth.  And, I have been blessed with a new opportunity to share our story, and my journey on Caregiving.com!

I am a new blogger over there.  So far, I have published two blogs:

An introduction, and an explanation of my history of crying, which you all know a little something about by now. :)

Anyway - if this sort of thing interests you, I hope you will follow along over there.  I will also be re-publishing my Caregiving.com blogs here.


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Kristen Maddux said...

YEA!! Fabulous opportunity to share and help, use your gifts and encourage!
I've known since the first day I read this blog....the writing, the stories, the honesty...that you two--are going places, baby. :)
So happy for you. The future is bright.