Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bless this Home

We love our family and friends visiting. The past month we have enjoyed hosting. Dana's sister visited with a couple of friends. Her parents visited. Mike's parents are visiting this week.

We joke about the way people throw around the word "blessing." Sometimes it's the only word that fits. Blessed is the way we feel when our home is full. We get excited planning and cleaning for company. We reflect on the trip when they leave.

We got so excited about all of our company we repurposed our extra bedroom. It was supposed to be our office: two desks, a bookshelf, boxes and a futon. We cleared out the desks and posted them on Craigslist. We moved the futon around. We made things warmer.

Mike's parents are the first to enjoy the new room. Ann will visit soon. Hopefully there will be more to come. We have so much fun when we have somebody to share life with. Sometimes we'd really rather be together without extra company.

Now we have a redecorated guest room and living room. Our home is cozy. Whether it's friends or family, we're excited to share. Our home is really a blessing. We want it to continue to be that.

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