Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saturday Morning Post

Happy Saturday, y'all.
It's cold outside.
The heat is running.
So is the humidifier. Ugh.
I'm drinking my favorite coffee (freshly brewed this morning), Starbucks Christmas Blend. I really wish they sold it all year long, then I wouldn't have to hoard it in December.
And I'm eating a pumpkin chocolate chip muffin I made the day before Thanksgiving. (I love my freezer)

The dogs have been fed and they're back asleep. So is Michael.
Ah, yes. The peace that is Saturday morning.

Today, I'm planning to get my Holiday bake on!! I'm planning on making Magic Bars, Chocolate Mint Cookies and Pumpkin Swirl Bread.  Well, maybe on the bread. Not completely convinced I have time for that.

I'm also going to continue making my homemade Christmas gifts.  I'll share more with you about what I'm making this year, I know last year that was a big hit.

I have SO MUCH to catch y'all up on.  Life has been super busy and super blessed around the Ritter house.

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