Monday, December 12, 2011

Lost Hat

This might sound really silly, but right now, I'm praying for my hat.
See that hat I'm wearing in the picture with my best friend, Ann?  I got that hat in 2007, when we went to a VT game. I LOVE that hat.  They don't make it anymore.

One time, I lost that hat in a Wal-Mart parking lot, and took Brokaw back up to the Wal-Mart parking lot with me, to try to sniff around and find it.
He did!

That was two years ago.
Now, I have lost it again. :(
I left it on the Metro.
It was the third thing I left on a Metro train JUST THIS WEEK.
I also lost a hat I just got a couple of weeks ago, as well as my black texting gloves I also just got this year. :(

I am usually so careful and responsible.  I am the girl who locked her keys in her car in high school, so she has the habit of making sure she has her keys before closing her door.  I used to be the girl who looked back to where she was sitting to make sure she had everything.

Guess I've gotten away from that.  I blame my iPhone.  I'm constantly distracted. Oy.
I didn't bother to report my original hat and texting gloves.  But my beloved VT hat? I totally went on Metro's website and filled out a "lost and found" form.  Hopefully I will hear something this week.  If not, I am going to be really sad.

Of course, it's just a thing.  I realize that. But that hat has great memories attached to it.  Like that game with Ann, and the fact that I wore it the night Michael asked me to marry him.  Plus, I like to show my support for Virginia Tech.  For the football team, and for the school in general, because even though I didn't go there, I'm a proud fan, and I always pray for the Hokies. They've been through so much.


Anonymous said...

I hope you find it. I love that hat too. Those were some fun games even when we paid a lot to go to them :)

Tamara @31dates said...

While you're at it, will you pray for my ring too? I've been missing it and praying for its return. My dad gave it to me for my 18th birthday a million years ago. Last thing he gave me before he died. :( Where are you ring????