Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Brokaw's Newest Thing

This is Brokaw's newest toy, "Chip."  I got it for him for Mutt Day.  Chip is awesome, because he came with 8 squeakers. Brokaw has been known to destroy a squeaker within 24 hours, so the fact that Chip has 8 means he will live a long life.  Note: I think Chip currently has 5 working squeakers.  He's been in our house for about a week.
The funny thing is, Brokaw likes chewing on the rattle in Chip's head.  So, I buy the dog a toy with 8 squeakers, and Brokaw is apparently not all about all the squeakers.  Whatever.  Brokaw has also started a new game, "Hide Chip."  He LOVES for me to hide Chip, then he goes and finds him.

We were playing this the other night, and I realized something very funny.  One thing Brokaw has NEVER been good at is dropping a toy (or anything else for that matter) when you tell him to.  So, fetch has always been a one sided game with this Puggle.  Well, the other night, I wanted to get Chip back from Brokaw so I could hide him again.  And I said "stay," to get Brokaw to stay where he was so I could wrestle Chip out of his mouth. (This was how we would usually play 'fetch.') I said "stay" and Brokaw DROPPED Chip!  This went on and on and on.  Every time I say "stay," he drops the toy.

For some reason, in Brokaw's brain, "stay" means "drop it."  This has been going on for days now.  It's hilarious!  It works every time!

Brokaw is crazy smart, and he communicates like he's a person.  He's like my little toddler.  And, like a toddler, he apparently sometimes confuses words and their meanings.

And, also like a toddler, he plays hard, runs out of gas, and cries, then falls into a deep sleep.  I love my best good buddy.


Tamara @31dates said...

This is awesome. Totally makes me miss having a dog!

BB. said...

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