Sunday, November 20, 2011

Up In The Air

Our lives have been up in the air the past few months. As I type this post, Dana is flying home from Iowa through Minneapolis. She was supposed to land an hour ago, but their plane was grounded and they had to switch to another. So we're looking at another 3 hours till she's home.
Dana, Royce, Tyler and David
These guys are her on-the-road family. She's in good hands --except when the guys are all sick. They take care of her luggage, the driving, and all of the other guy stuff. BTW, this photo is from Orlando last month, not Iowa this weekend. Still, we do miss each other when she's on the road.

We were talking about how tough it must be for these couples with a spouse travelling so much. That's the way TV news is. Then we thought about the soldiers who are deployed for 18 months. And Dana's friend, a newlywed who lives here all week and her husband lives hours away.

For the last two years we have settled into some comfortable routines. We find comfort with that day-to-day rhythm. Meals, sleep, work, personal care all flow in that predictable pattern. We joke that we're like an old couple.

The election will keep Dana on the road the next year. She will be home most of the time, but will spend a lot traveling. There will be surprises and unexpected schedule changes. So whether it's Dana in a plane or our routine, things are up in the air the next few months.