Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday Morning Post (From Des Moines, Iowa)

Hey y'all.
I didn't get a blog post out yesterday.  Doh!
I was trying to make sure we had a post up every day for November, for National NaBloPoMo, but, I failed.

Oh well.
Maybe there is grace in the blogging world?

I'm sitting up in a king sized bed just outside of Des Moines, Iowa.  I'm watching Paula Deen make a sweet potato cake on the Food Network, and I'm getting hungry! I'm pretty sure I have actually stayed in this very room before. We kind of come here a lot.  There's this little thing called the Iowa Caucuses that is very important in the presidential nomination process.  Maybe you've heard of it. It's in about 50 days or so.
I don't even know how many times I've been to Iowa over the last year, but it has been many.

And I actually don't hate it.
I mean, it is land locked.
And it's in the Central time zone.
But it's not like I have to live here.
The people are SO nice.
And they eat real food.
I love them!

I am so lucky that I have such a cool job.  If I could give everyone on this planet something, besides Jesus, I would give them a job that they love. That they are passionate about.  That doesn't feel like work.  Because it is seriously the best.  I love what I do.

This week, I covered a conference.  A bunch of meetings and speeches may sound boring to you, but I came away from this experience very inspired on a personal level.  I'm not going to go into details, because journalism is tricky like that -- keeping the personal and the professional separate -- but I will tell you...

That Condoleezza Rice is a freaking ROCK STAR.
That as I sat and listened to her speech yesterday, I downloaded her book right there in the ballroom on my Kindle.  I have no picture of Condi. Sorry, folks. I was in the back corner where they put the media and all I had was my iPhone.
You can read about her remarks here.
I love that she is a sassy, smart, well rounded girl who is not afraid to like and do what she likes - even if it is super unconventional.

Also, I worked on getting some interviews with the wives of some of the GOP Presidential candidates, along with our White House Correspondent.
We talked to Mary Kaye Huntsman.
And Anita Perry.
These women were fascinating interviews.  I am so lucky that I get a front row seat to get to know the candidates and their families.  This is amazing access, just as a voter, you know?

I won't go into details, because we are still working on our report. (I will TRY to remember to post a link when the story is online.) But let me just say that I came out of these past few days with fresh inspiration as a wife.

I confess: I kind of wing the wife thing.
I'm not bad at it because I naturally am very goal setting, encouraging, and I'm a natural leader.
But I think just relying on my natural self and my internal compass is lazy wifing.

These women are their husbands biggest fans.  They are their husband's soft place to land.  When their world is shaking.
I want to be that.

Our world shakes from time to time.  I can be insecure, and scared, and needy and feel overwhelmed and under appreciated.  Can't we all?

But, after hearing from two women whose husbands are in the gauntlet of their lives - I want to do this better. Different. Be intentional about my role as a WIFE.

Want to join me? What inspires you as a wife? How are you intentional about your role?

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Kristen Maddux said...

Great question.
I am blessed with a super-duper, wonderful man. One of those cut-above guys who's so great other people often comment, "you have a really good one"...AND I KNOW IT!
But it makes it hard sometimes to give back to him on the level he serves me. I must be intentional about it, especially with my health problems clouding things.
I've learned that the one things that makes him the happiest, is when I am happy. Seriously. That sounds easy enough, but it can be difficult in the day in and day out. But this is one thing I do try to work at for him. I may not be able to physically pamper him the way he does me, but I can be happy about my day and have positive, fun stories to tell him over dinner. And I can tell it makes his load lighter. I'm NOT always perfect at it. HA! But I do try.
Marriage isn't always easy, for sure. But it's the best kind of work for the best of causes! :)