Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Trip to Orlando

I'm trying to catch this blog up with real time.  I'm also trying to catch up on laundry.  So, why not do one while the other is tumbling, right?

I'm not exactly sure when, but sometime recently, I went on a work trip to Orlando.
First, I'd like to start with a picture from the first time I went to Disney World.  Mainly because of my Dad's socks. Epic.

Okay, back from 1989... to 2011.
We went to Orlando to cover yet another GOP Debate, CPAC (that's a conservative conference) the straw poll, and to shoot The Brody File Show.

First up, the debate.  The most memorable experience was the media filing center, which is nothing like media filing centers I have been in in the past.
It was a very swanky Google Lounge, with white carpet.  
And smoothies. And a candy bar.  It was craziness.  It seemed pretty fun, until the debate started, then I realized the little theater seating area I was in was viewing the debate on a delay (because it was on You Tube) so I had to skidattle (sp?) out to the main couches, but then I had trouble finding electrical outlets, so I ended up on the FLOOR.  At that point, I was mad at the Google lounge.
Then, some random reporter girl moved, and I plopped down on a bean bag.  That was definitely a first. I've never filed a story from a bean bag before!  This was my view of the debate:

So, that was interesting.

The next day, we camped out for several interviews backstage at the CPAC conference.  It was fun, and productive, but I remember being exhausted.  I didn't take many photos.
The next day, we went to Walt Disney World, to shoot our show.
What a blast!  And, I think it turned out to be one of our best shows, ever!

I am a very lucky girl to get to work with a bunch of great guys who love the Lord, love their jobs, and serve each other.  We are a happy family.

 I got a kick out of pushing a stroller full of TV gear around Disney World.

FYI, if you want to see our show, check it out here.  Our show is a mix of faith and politics.  We obviously don't take ourselves too seriously, but we have some exclusive, meaty interviews, mixed in with some hilarious commentary!  If you want to know about the 2012 candidates, but you don't want to be bored to tears, The Brody File Show is definitely for you!

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