Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday Morning Post

Sometimes, after a deep, cathartic post like I wrote the other day, I have nothing left in me to write for a while. I'm tapped out.

There is peace and quiet in our home this morning, and that is wonderful.
We don't have anywhere to be at any particular time today, so we will probably just chill here.

It's chilly outside, and that makes me want to make soup, or a casserole, and bread.
And I have two butternut squash from last week's Arganica delivery that I need to do something with today.
I digress.

Every time I sit down, I hear this apartment tell me how it really needs a deep, deep cleaning. Like, move the furniture cleaning. And I want to do that, I really do. But, I don't know, I just don't do it.

I wish we had more closet space.
I really think I could stay more organized with more closet space.
Shoot, I wish my closet wasn't broken half the time.

Other random thoughts this quiet, cool made-for-football Saturday morning:

1. I LOVE Michael's new wheelchair. We have had it for like a week and a day, and it has already been life changing. There is so much truth to the importance of the right tools!

2. We saw "Soul Surfer" last night and I liked it. I even stayed awake the whole time, can you believe it? It brought back a lot of memories for Michael from when he broke his neck, and we had one of those long, deep, detailed conversations in bed last night. Those conversations we used to have all the time when we were dating long distance and we talked and talked on the phone. Those conversations aren't as common now. Busy life gets in the way. But it was nice. Intimate. And, like any husband and wife, I probably liked it more than he did. But, it was nice. I love that man.

I told him he should blog about the movie, and the memories.

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Kristen Maddux said...

I vote that Mike blog about the movie and the memories too. :) I also like late night talks in bed talks like that with my hubby! Something I couldn't WAIT to be able to do before we got married. That's the good stuff of marriage right there.