Thursday, September 8, 2011

Anticipating My New Wheelchairs

For the summer we've been waiting for my new wheelchairs. If you're following our blog, you'll know we were going to get new chairs for the bathroom and everyday use. We have been through so many frustrations and tears fighting to get these necessary items. It has been one disappointment after another.

A quick summary:

My current everyday chair has been less reliable for a while. The batteries do not last long enough. The manufacturer closed up shop, so I determined it would be best to go with something with support. I picked out my chair to replace it, but they got caught up in negotiations with insurance. Then the chair I ordered was no longer compatible for my new wheels, so we started over.

We got a bathroom chair, but it is an engineering mess. Too long, awkward, and plain wrong. The supply company left us dangling despite their replacement guarantee. I finally got with the right person at the manufacturer, explained my experience with the chair, and she got it authorized for return. I picked out one that should work now.

Back to present day:

We are getting delivery Monday! I'm nervous about getting used to new wheelchairs, but they look reliable and more practical. I look forward to getting out more. I look forward to less frustration in day-to-day life.


Tracy said...

Yay! FINALLY! You guys have been so patient in waiting for your new chairs! I am saying a prayer that they will be awesome!

Kristen Maddux said...

What a pain. Is this going to be the new "cooler" looking chair Dana had written about a while back? I hope it will made life a lot more fun, comfortable, and on the go for you really soon!

Alicia Reagan said...

Yeah!!! Who knew that getting the right chair was so important. But once your in learn real fast! Glad you are finally getting them Mike!

Diane Moody said...

GREAT news, Michael!! Now we'll pray that these are both dream chairs that will be a breeze to get used to and help facilitate all you do! Congratulations!

Cam - Bibs & Baubles said...

what a hassle! glad all of it is ending well for you. I'm sure you're looking forward to Monday. :)

Inkwhy Whyink said...

Hope the new chairs will be much better for you... And send the other company feedback so they can improve their design!