Tuesday, September 6, 2011

30,000 Feet and an Anniversary

I’m writing this from something like 30,000 feet, or however high it is that planes fly these days.
I have a window seat on this direct flight from DC to LAX, which is good. I love the window seat, generally.
But, I had a latte (of course) at the gate at Reagan, now I have to pee like a champ, and I can feel it every cloud if you know what I mean.
And, of course, my co-worker is asleep next to me. I hate to wake him, but I’m at like a 9 over here! As soon as they’re done with that beverage cart, I’m up!

I always notice it when something different happens on a flight. Like earlier, when the flight attendant made an announcement, asking for any man who has an extra shirt that someone can borrow because a baby spit up on a Daddy’s shirt. The crew is washing it for him. Maybe they’ll dry it with some sort of in flight hair dryer or something? I don’t know. I’m guessing that shirt is gone forever, and Daddy will soon be sporting a shirt that says “Los Angeles” on it.

I HAVE IN FLIGHT INTERNET!! That’s right people. This blog post is brought to you by gogo in flight internet on board Alaska Air. Which serves hot meals for like $6.00, not bad, not bad.

Now that I successfully buried the lead, here you go:
That’s right.
I have been Mrs. Ritter for 2 years, or as Michael pointed out last night, 700 something days.
I couldn’t possibly be happier about this fact.

I love remembering our wedding day. It was so perfect. I’ll never forget that moment right before I walked out on the deck. I looked out the glass door and saw all of our family and friends gathered. I heard the music change to the song I was to walk down the “aisle” to with my dad, “Iris,” by Goo Goo Dolls. Who gets married to Goo Goo Dolls? That would be me.

I’ll never forget the moment my dress snagged on some nails on the beach deck or something, and my dad laughed. “Do something,” I said. He kept laughing. My mom’s friend Martha, my de-facto wedding planner, saved the day and carried my train the rest of the way. Shout out, Martha!

I’ll never forget the moment I finally saw Michael’s face. He was smiling. I was so relieved to be with him, with my dress still in tact.

I’ll never forget the moment when Jarred, Michael’s brother was singing, and unplanned, I sat on Michael’s lap.

I’ll never forget the moment for some reason, I glanced over at my mom, who looked so beautiful in her bright pink dress, and I saw her crying. That made me cry, so I never looked over in that direction again. I was wearing a lot of makeup (for me). Michael looked that way once, and I told him, “Don’t do it.” He cried a little, too.

I’ll never forget the moment when Buddy, my father-in-law who performed the ceremony for us, pronounced us husband and wife, and he FORGOT to say “you may now kiss the bride!” Michael got right on that, and kissed me harder and longer than I thought he would.

For the months and months of detailed wedding planning, I didn’t plan that moment!

It was all so overwhelmingly wonderful. I love looking back on that day, and hearing it, smelling it and feeling it in my memory.

Last year, I shared a little about how that first year of marriage was difficult for us. Lots of changes and adjustments for both of us. Lots of life re-arranging, and prioritizing, plus a new job for me, a new city for Michael.

This year, I’m happy to report that our marriage has never been stronger, more fun, and more full of laughter than it is now. We really worked as a team this year. I’m so proud of that, thankful for the Lord’s leading and hand in providing for us, giving us strength and joy.

This year has not been without it’s challenges. In fact, there have been many. Health challenges, wheelchair challenges, a lot of travel, and stress.

But we faced all of it together. And we enjoyed all of it together.

More on how we marked this anniversary, a little later.
Thank you so much to each and every one who has wished us a Happy Anniversary.
It is.
It truly is.

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Diane Moody said...

So I'm sitting here catching up on your posts, reading about your wedding day memories and how the last year has been such a good one and looking at your smiling faces . . . and I realized I'm just grinning from ear to ear! You all are SO much fun to follow here!! Congratulations on #2!! May you have a bazillion more to come!

Goo Goo Dolls? I must look that song up on youtube . . . My, how times have changed. At our wedding (30 years ago this year!) we wanted to come back down the aisle to the brassed-up version theme from Rocky (yeah) and the church wouldn't let us!! So I'm happy for you and your GGDs!

Anxious to hear all about your adventures in CA, Dana! Michael, you and the puppies take care while the wife is away. You are BOTH in my daily prayers!

Happy anniversary, Ritters!!