Wednesday, August 31, 2011

An Update

Thanks to those of you who sent me messages saying you were praying for that dear wife who is facing that difficult decision.

Her name is actually Miriam, not Amanda. I was mistaken. I believe God still hears our prayers, even if we use the wrong name.

Tomorrow, Miriam will stand by her husband's bedside for a ceremony of honor. Then, the life support will cease, and she will become a 20 year old widow.

So, please don't stop praying for her.
She is a hero, in my eyes. And I pray she is surrounded by support from this country that is fitting for her husband's ultimate sacrifice.

This month has been the deadliest month ever in the War in Afghanistan.
But stories like this are a reminder, there are so many losses that don't happen on the battlefield.

Limbs lost. Personalities and memories gone. Lives changed. And final goodbyes said in dimly lit hospital rooms, to the sounds of machines beeping, and not beeping.

Jesus, please fill this place with Your peace. And, though it sometimes feels so immature to ask this, in the light of so much sacrifice and suffering, bring my little brother home, safe.

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JamesJr, said...

I am not a spiritual man, but I will say a prayer for this women, I still remember Our Father from Sunday school... I forgot what it is like to say a prayer, it is, soothing. I saw that in your interests you like politics and the news. I just started a political/philosophy blog and I just wrote a short article on the unsung hero's of our country, I think you would like reading it (its short too). If you could come take a peek that would be great, if not that's Ok too. Have a nice day Dana, here's the web address if you want to take a look. Thanks again.