Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday Morning Post

What a difference a week makes. Last Saturday, I was watching Mike Huckabee jam at the Ames, Iowa Straw Poll.

Well, hello there, dear Saturday morning.
I have missed you. And our lovely, quiet times together (by that, I mean the moments in between Brokaw barking at the air outside).

This morning started with an alarm.
That's rare around these parts for a Saturday, but I have a lot I want/need to get done around here today, so sleeping in another hour or so isn't an option.

I got up a little early to have a moment to take a breath for myself. Because I've learned it is key to have a few minutes of alone time before I get Michael up and ready.

So he doesn't have to deal with Mrs. Grumpy.
And so that we're not looking at each other at noon, after we've taken care of bathroom business, like "where did the day go?"

One of my favorite things to do during this time is catch up on blogs I love, including, but not limited to:

1. The Frugal Girl
2. Money Saving Mom
3. NieNie Dialogues
4. My Morning Caffeine (love you Christin!)
6. Annie's Eats
7. The Pioneer Woman

There is a part of me that wants to be like each of these women. I'd love to have The Frugal Girl's contentment, Money Saving Mom's ability to save money, NieNie's style, and My Morning Caffeine's hilarious sense of humor. I'd die to be able to cook like Annie, and take pictures of it. And, I'd like to pretty much BE The Pioneer Woman, without the Pioneer Front.

Sometimes, I also cruise the most random things ever on Craigslist. I love doing that, but it's a major time waster, and can also be frustrating in my never-ending quest for contentment.

Cheers to Saturday. Enjoy!

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