Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Blog Changes, Baby!

Sorry to disappoint, but that headline does not mean there are changes in our lives with regards to an actual baby.

At least, ahem, not yet.
Pictured above, however is one of Brokaw's "babies."
He brought it to me last night, when I was sitting in my blue/white chair working on the following changes/additions to our little blog:

1. You will now notice a list, left to right, under the title, of post topics.
You can click on those tabs to read posts that have to do with a certain topic, like marriage, faith, work, pets, etc.

*A couple of notes here:
-"Love Life" is just a place for posts about randomness, not posts about our actual love life. Yes, I realized that when I created that tag name, but I thought it was funny, so we just went with it.
-Anything that has to do with challenges we face because of/related to Michael's disability will be filed under "Love Hurts." Because "Love Disability" just didn't seem right. It's not accurate. "Love Hurts" is definitely more accurate, most of the time. Any other challenges we face will be filed under that label as well.

2. The labels cloud:

Over to the right hand side, you will see all of these words jumbled together. This is ALL of our topics. Same idea as with the bar across the top, but this includes ALL of our labels.

3. Holy Archives! Also to the right hand side, you will now see that this blog has archives going back to 2005!!! Michael and I don't even go that far back! But, I was blogging back then, on my old blog, which was called "In Other News." This morning, I imported all of those old blog posts to this site. Go me!
4. BlogHer
You'll notice the bar to the right (there may soon be two) for BlogHer. Blogher is a network of blogs and articles written by women. I'm so honored to be a part of this now!


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Kristen Maddux said...

This blog's going places, baby! :)
You guys are great. Keep up the good work.
I love reading your words.