Saturday, July 2, 2011

Going Coastal Tour 2011

Also in June, something we'd been looking forward to since January. Kenny Chesney's GOING COSTAL TOUR AT FEDEX FIELD!!!!

We saw Kenny three summers ago, in Virginia Beach. Then, the next summer, we missed him because every dollar was going toward the wedding. Then, Kenny took last summer off. So, we were PUMPED to be able to see him again!

This year, he's on tour with Billy Currington and Zac Brown Band. They were all awesome. Especially their almost-hour-long jam session at the end of the concert!!

We are watching how we spend our money, so we got the "cheap" seats.
I was a bit of a whiny baby about that. Because I've been spoiled watching Kenny from up close in years past.
It definitely doesn't sound as good this far up. And at one point, I ducked when a plane flew over head.
Whoa. Seriously.
Felt like I could reach out and touch this jet!
But, the margaritas were just as good!
And, we really did enjoy ourselves at the concert!
We got even got souvenir beer huggies. :)
Next time, I say we save up and splurge for seats on the floor. But, I'm still glad we got to go and have the experience. And I also enjoyed my new little white dress :) Here's a little iPhone video. See if you can find Kenny!!

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