Sunday, June 5, 2011

ATL Travelogue, in Pictures

My friend Christin has one of the most adorable, fabulous blogs of all time. Check it out.
Christin travels a lot for her job, and always has these great trips. I love reading about her adventures, her meals, etc. and seeing her pictures.

So, I think I'll copy her.
I'm traveling more and more now that the Presidential race is really heating up.

In May, it was a quick trip down to Atlanta, etc. I'll hit the highlights with some pictures for you. On our work trips, we work really hard, and really long. But, I love what I do. I love the people I work with. So, I keep doing it. Even though it is exhausting and on a personal finance level, quite expensive. :)

Okay, buckle up. Here's DCA-ATL (with a trip to SC in there too, Brody File style) in pictures:

We ate at The Varsity. An Atlanta establishment.
Hmm. Ever wonder why the South totally kicks the rest of the country's butt in heart attacks, etc?
I did my part.
And Royce had a milkshake-like thingy that tasted like Baby Aspirin.

This is Woodstock, GA. We interviewed a major Tea Party leader in this adorable little park. But, the highlight of the day for me was when Jamie Goodwin made a quick drive-by and I got to say hi to her in the car!
We stayed in a Homewood Suites. Free dinner and lunch. I'm all about that! Too bad, I left a jacket in this hotel room. I'm on a horrible streak of forgetfulness lately.
There was a lot of sweet tea on this trip...
We interviewed another Tea Party leader in her home.
She has two adorable chocolate labs.
This one snored very loudly during our interview. Very funny.
We covered the first Republican Presidential debate, in Greenville, SC.
And celebrated Ace Washington Post reporter/dean of political reporting Dan Balz's birthday...
A saw a good old friend for a quick Starbucks run in Downtown Greenville. That town is A-dorable, by the way!
We drove back up to Atlanta to do our show from a park there, downtown.
Hopped on a plane to come back to DC...
Where I unpacked, and set up shop to start editing the show from my home office, with my trusty little Associate Producer and his assistant.
Phew. Did I mention all of that was in like a 48 hour period?

Oh, our show, The Brody File, started a new segment documenting our traveling experiences.
You can see part of that right here. This is pretty much for my mom, who I think really wishes she could see me ON TV more. But, no thanks on that, Mom. Here you go:


ckuretich said...

um hey!!!! i'm christin!!!! I'm so honored. I just saw this and I LOVE IT. um, please copy me. all the time every day whatever. I love seeing this stuff too - so fun!!!! Travel buddies. solidarity. xoxo

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