Wednesday, May 25, 2011


When my parents met at church camp in west Arkansas they were awkward teens from small communities. Buddy and LaDonna grew up a few miles from each other around Malvern. Neither family was wealthy or famous. His dad was retired early from Reynolds and her Mom was a nurse.
LaDonna had one ambition in life: marry a pastor and be a pastor's wife. Buddy was an eager pastor-to-be. They were married as soon as she was out of high school. He worked as a pastor for little money, sometimes holding part-time jobs.
Two years later their first son was due. They returned to the camp where they met --bun in the oven.

Thirty-seven years later, my parents are still married and in ministry together. They face their rough spells, but get through it. Despite their downs, my parents have demonstrated the kind of love and commitment that holds families together. They have loved each other and their kids without condition or pretense.

37 is an important number. Here's to 37 more.
Happy anniversary Dad and Mom!

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melanie phillips said...

This is sucha sweet tribute to your parents! I loved reading this. How awesome to hear their story. My parents will hit 30 years this year. It's awesome to see Godly couples(especially mom and dad) stick it out through the ups and downs of life, and still love eachother the same, if not more, as when they were first married. Congrats to your parents!