Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Saturday Afternoon Post

Starbucks Tribute Blend is amazing. This has nothing to do with the content of this post, just wanted to let you know that.

Hello, everyone.
I didn't have my usual Saturday morning post.

But, I did get a good night's sleep, and I cleaned the apartment, and watched a little bit of a documentary about the Egyptian Sphinx before I fell asleep again. Then, my dear husband called in a prescription for me so I can get some much-needed relief for major itching on my hands. Darn Eczema! So, I made a trip to the Mall to get said prescription and drop off my dress for the White House Correspondents Dinner to be altered.

Because everything I buy has to have about a foot and a half cut off of it.
I don't love this dress, but we're on a budget, and it was $40 so, it will do. It's black. And I can wear my shoes from last year, so that's good.

I've been rocking this Jergens tanning lotion stuff my mom sent me. It works! You should get some. That was random.

We have had an adventurous week around here.
WE PAID OFF CREDIT CARD #2!! We still have 3 more to go, but we are making major progress and I would just like to give God, and my Mother-in-Law a shout out for making that possible.

Brokaw had his surgery. I totally milked it and got Michael to let him sleep in the bed with us for a grand total of 4 days (I love to have Mr. Puggles snuggled behind my knees). He came through it great. If it weren't for the surgery, we could have paid off another credit card this month, but we love Brokaw, so, we took care of him.

We had some other doctor stuff this week, for Michael. A hard couple of days. I'm still processing all that business. He'll be fine. We'll be fine. We could be in for a bit of a lifestyle change, but after crying, and having a long, deep conversation on a sunny day in the parking lot of a soccer field, and some pretty extensive googling on my part, we can do this. There may be more to come on this. I don't know. If you'd like to pray for us, we would appreciate that.

I'm so thankful I was able to take off of work on Wednesday and Thursday to be able to just focus on the medical stuff. Juggling that plus work is too much stress! I stress out so easily, so I'm glad I was able to focus on one thing at a time this week. Thank you, Lord.

In other news, I've been religious about drinking a whole lot of water, and working out for the past 2.5 weeks, and it's paying off! I'm down 6lbs! Yeah!

And that's in spite of these two things last weekend...
and...Drink. More. Water.
It's amazing.


Kristen Maddux said...

1. Thanks for the tanning lotion tip. Gonna check it out. Girlfriend needs some color (and I live in Florida.) What's wrong with that picture? ;)
2. Lifestyle changes suck, but once you wrap your head around it, you're right. It's always do-able. I will pray.
3. Did you hear Pioneer Woman got a Food Network show? Of course you did. :) But how cool is that?!
4. Best water tip I read on a blog somewhere; totally revolutionized my water drinking: The body is always thirstiest when first wakes up. So along with morning coffee, fill up your water bottle. You'll be suprised how much you end up swigging on it, and it gives a nice jump start to ounces down you have to go that day. That advice was free :)
Happy Sunday to the Ritters!

Breanna Anderson said...

I've been lurking on the blog for a, I'm lurking and praying for you guys!!! God's already working on your "medical stuff", I have no doubt!! :)