Friday, March 11, 2011

Yoga, Interrrupted.

Thursday morning, I was going about my new little routine of doing workout videos while Michael does his bathroom stuff.

I thought I'd try something different, yoga. I put down a folded over comforter as my makeshift yoga mat, since I don't (yet) own a yoga mat.

Somebody was immediately confused.

We often lay blankets on the floor for the dogs to lounge on. So, naturally, Brokaw brings over Elmo to help me with my yoga routine. That was fine. It was kind of cute. Distracting, but still, cute.

Then, a few minutes later (mind you, this is only a 10 minute video, that's all I had time for on this particular day!) I was on my hands and knees, and the curious Puggle brings over his squeaky kong toy, walks underneath me, squeaking. I sat up, indian style, and at that point, Brokaw just plain sat on my lap!!

My workout was done.
My makeshift mat, taken over by Brokaw and his toys.

Who says that doesn't teach you to be more flexible, right?
Not the exercise I planned, but I mean, look at that face!!


~Mariesa said...

That is so funny! When I was doing some video things before I broke my foot Bartlet would do the same thing - he didn't need a blankie on the floor. Once I was bending over - like legs hip distance apart, trying to get my head towards the floor, and he brought me a tuggie. As long as you're down here, let's play tuggie! And don't think I could ever actually lay on the floor to do anything without him standing on top of me! I so know what you mean. As much as we thought at that moment we really wanted to exercise, one look at those puppy dog eyes and well... we just have to stop and play!

mina said...

Too funny! Must be a pet thing:) I had the same exact thing that I posted here

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