Sunday, March 6, 2011

Total Doggie Makeover!

Yesterday, I took Little Miss Thang, a.k.a. Princess to the Beauty Shop.
Here's the before & after:



Is that an Extreme Doggie Makeover, or what!?!?!
Too bad this blog doesn't have a scratch-and-sniff feature, because, believe me, that "before and after" would be even more dramatic!! You'll have to just trust me on that one.

Princess is SO CUTE after she gets home from being groomed. She's all bouncy, like she just knows how good she looks! It is really adorable to see our old girl get a little pep in her step.

Speaking of pep.. you know little Mr. Center of Attention needed to get something out of it too. (I have no idea where he gets that from, wink-wink)

So, naturally, he went along for the ride.

And, after we dropped Princess off at the groomer, I took Frito-Lay-Chicken-Nugget-Head-Pie (just one of many loving nicknames we have for Mr. Puggles) to the dog park.
He hadn't been in forever.
He loved it.
Lots of good booty-sniffing and friend-chasing to be done there.
Good times.
Love our pets!


LaDonna said...

Can you believe that Princess never had a short "do" until she was probably 8 or 9 years old, when we got her? I just did not want to deal with all that hair. After seeing the change in her after her "new do," I could tell that she did not want to deal with it, either. I guess we all have a little more pep when we get back from the beauty shop.

LaDonna said...

Brokaw, you are too cute playing with your friends at the park! Well, you are too cute anyway!