Sunday, March 6, 2011

Signs of Spring

I don't know about you, but I'm about DONE with Winter.
I don't care for it much.
Winter's fine and good when it first starts, and it's fun to wear cute hats and scarves and what not.
And while you're anticipating Christmas.

But the part of Winter after Christmas, when it's just cold and dark all the time, and windy, and there's nothing to look forward to... yeah, no thank you.

I've already told you how I loathe February - the fattest, whitest month of all.
Thank GOD that's over.

There have been a few days here and there (in between Winter days) that actually feel like Spring is starting to peek through the cold days.
Trying to arrive.

We've been soaking those days up!!

Eating Summer-y breakfasts.
Yogart and fresh fruit *YAY that Strawberries have started to go on sale!!** and granola. YUM.

Pulling these plastic things out of my purse.
What are they called again? :)

And I was overjoyed the day I saw the guys planting pansies on the streets of DC.
Thank you, God. Spring will be here soon. One day, soon!

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