Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

I used to be one of those single girls who would dread Valentine's Day... until a certain someone sent some flowers to a newsroom in Pittsburgh, 4 years ago.

Those flowers changed my world.
I hope you get something sweet today, ladies!

Our day so far --
I had re-heated vanilla coffee. I have decided I absolutely do not like flavored coffee anymore. Ick. Give me the real java, with no after taste. Thank you.

I've worked from home today, which has actually been pretty busy! But nice, too. I've also been able to clean this house. Feels much better.

My Michael and I started a little Valentine's Day tradition last year. Homemade Valentine's only. So.... I have to get to baking, soon! There will be Nutella involved. I can't wait!

First, some glimpses of our life here today...

My first homemade Valentine from my nerdy, computer savvy sweetie... a new background for my computer, made of red hearts on a pink background.

Michael turned his apple butter toast into a Valentine for me.

I was inspired... so I tried to bite around my bread to make an X and and O, but I messed up the X... so all I had was this. I said it was me, and "I'm yours." Lame, right??? Hahahaha!!

M felt bad that I didn't have arms. So he gave me these. I can't decide if I'm more of an angel with a broken wing, or half woman, half crab with one little baby claw, and one big claw...

I enjoyed some sweet body wash, perfect for the occasion of today! :)

Had a great trip to the mailbox, thanks to my Mom and Granny!!

Wrote a message to surprise my Babe when he came around the corner from the office into the kitchen.

And, a certain Puggle was being a little too loud because I have the windows open (it's an absolutely GORGEOUS day!) so, he had to wear his Thundershirt. He's now resting peacefully... in a basket of clean laundry... but whatever.

Sometimes I feel like I have an eternal toddler of a dog...

Okay, for real. Time to make something yummy involving Nutella.. and, maybe some actual dinner too. I know one thing. It will NOT be the chili that we spent the last 7 days trying to eat and still have not eaten it all. Ugh.

Love someone today.

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Kristen Maddux said...

I love love. <3
Glad you all had a fun one!