Thursday, January 13, 2011

Road Trip to the 757!

Friday, we made a super, duper uber (the triple rhyme is too much, but I'm cool with a double) trip down to the 757 to see my (Dana's) family! The occasion - seeing my little brother, Chris, before he ships out to Afghanistan.

We had some drama with Michael's leg on Thursday night. It was bruised and majorly swollen after being injured in the fall (the one that led to the fight). I was so worried about it, I thought we were going to have to make a trip to the emergency room and miss out on the family fun.

But, we didn't, because my husband is a trooper.

So, we road-tripped it southeast. And I took a million pictures. Finally.
My mom and my sister. Yay.
My youngest nephew, Brayden, showing us their new aquarium.
The kitchen laughter begins. That's my handsome little bro in the middle.
My hubs and my Daddy. Love.
My stepdad, Dave. Yes, we use gravy boats for BBQ sauce.
Brayden is a little obsessed with his Uncle Chris and the Army.
Okay, a lot obsessed. He showed Chris his newly redecorated room/bunker and he was listening to intently to every. word. Uncle. Chris. spoke.

There were games of ping-pong.

And cupcakes.

A few family pictures. Taking these just gets funnier over the years. With Tracy and Chris trying to make their necks look good, my mother making sure she's smiling just right and me just trying to not look fat! Haha. Always like 10 takes.

More people laughing in the kitchen...
Wesley puppy in a backpack?
Thanks to the awesome hard work of my brother-in-law, JUST DANCE on the Wii!
Which I was ruling, until Colby had to decide to participate!
Then, I was definitely humbled!
Chris and JT's awesome girl, Kyndall.

I think this is quite possibly the worst picture of my husband, ever. And yet, he's made it his Facebook profile. Sometimes, I just don't get him :) But, I love him anyway.

Night-night ice cream for my mom and Jimmy...

It was a WILD NIGHT. It always is with my family :) Saturday, we went to lunch and then, we hit the road.

I am choosing to leave some of the 'not pretty' parts of this trip out, this time. But, I might come back to it. Let's just say I'm still adjusting to sharing my family with someone, and I don't like having to take care of M's personal needs on unfamiliar, inaccessible turf. It just makes everything harder.

That said, it was a good time. Always good to see my fam. Always too short. Really glad we (we meaning Michael) pushed through so we could have this chance!

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