Thursday, January 6, 2011

It Feels like Saturday

Today, it feels like Saturday, but it's not.
It's Thursday.

It feels like Saturday because I'm the only one up, and I'm snuggled in my comfy white chair with my coffee and my computer. I love this time so much.

I'm supposed to be on vacation this week, but I worked Monday-Wednesday because after being home for a week solid, sick, I just could not spend another day here! I go stir crazy. During that week, I cleaned and organized everything. Down to untangling my jewelry! There isn't really anything to do around here!

Well, actually, now it's been a few days since I was home, so the house could use a cleaning. I'll do that today. And, I have a few things we picked up at Ikea on New Years Day that need to be put together, I can do that too. And I need to go to the store.

I'm such a sick list maker. Bear with me.
I'm also hoping to catch the blog up more.

I have 23 minutes before I have to get M up.
Let's see what we can do.

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