Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Blinked, And It's Been A Week.

Well, here I am.
Guess I didn't get that much blogging done in that spare 20 minutes I had last Thursday.

Now, it's been a full week.
And some of you have been checking this blog, and there haven't been any updates.
Sorry for that.

I really do aspire to be one of those bloggers who blogs as part of her daily routine. It would be fun for me. And it would be nice for you to have a little something to read each day instead of a load of posts every now and then, right? It would probably be more time efficient that way, too.

But, so far, it's just not working out like that. There is so much I want to share with you. Left over stuff from BEFORE just this past week. But it's on this computer, and another computer, and photos are here, and there, and on the camera and on the phone.

All of that, and I just now have time to sit here and sort. My pictures. My thoughts. All of it needs to be sorted. Although, I bet sometimes what you read here doesn't seem like it's all that "sorted," maybe just the photos.

I'm not really a good sorter. I don't even sort laundry. If I have a red shirt and a white towel and I end up with a red shirt and a pink towel, well, that's what I get. Because I don't have time to sort laundry. And, my husband doesn't mind pink towels, thankfully.

Today I talked to my best friend in the world, Ann, on Skype. It was wonderful. There is something so special about that one best friend, isn't there? It's like home. Hi Ann!

Sorry, but it looks like you're going to have some catching up to do around here.
Here I go :)

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Anonymous said...

I love when I make the blog :)555. I did have many posts to read but I got through it and it was fun to read. Love ya girl! I still am amazed at how God crossed our paths that day in the parking lot at RFBC and from then on a long journey together as best friends! Thank you God that you know what we need. Ann