Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blog Stats for 2010

We launched this blog at the very end of 2009, as a goal to blog about our lives for 2010.
What a great project it has been! I love that we have a diary of our lives over the last year. I love looking back at the pictures and remember good meals we had, experiments we tried, good times with friends, etc. So much of normal, everyday life stuff is so easy to forget if you're not intentional about remembering it. And that's sad. Because most of life is normal everyday life stuff. I don't want to forget it!

The blog really got going in January of 2010. I majorly skimped on posting in the early Summer (that was when the depression peaked), and when I really started posting on a regular basis (Fall) we earned quite a happy little following.

My favorite fruits of the blog are the relational ones. First up is the emails, Facebook connections and comments I've received from other people who are either paralyzed or married to someone with a spinal cord injury that write me and tell me what I've written here matters. That they get it. That they were encouraged by it. It's a pretty small world and to know that there are people out there who are encouraged by our struggles actually makes the struggles worth it. You are what I think of when I'm putting the not-so-pretty parts out there.

I've also heard from friends from high school, college, former co-workers, friends of friends who say they've read this blog and like it and like the pictures. Hopefully in 2011, I'll do a better job of taking pictures with my Digital SLR and not rely so much on my iPhone. So you'll have much better pictures! But that iPhone is so stinking convenient! People who have written me to say that they've started cooking again, or baking again, or organizing their house or decorating, because of something they read or saw on this blog. That always makes my day.

Because that's why we do it. We don't just put this stuff out there to put it out there. We do it because we want God to use us, use our story, use our struggles, and even yummy baked goods to make a difference in someone else's day.

Here are some blog stats for the year. Thank you for reading and for caring about us. It really makes my day when I get comments and hear from readers!

The top post of the year, by far, was the White House Christmas Party post. It beat all others by almost double.
Next was Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
Followed by We're Not Going Home for Christmas
Then Michael's post, Determination and Intimacy
And, rounding out the top five was M Is Back and I'm Not Invisible Just So You Know

Hmm... maybe I need to work on writing better titles? Haha.
Over the year, we've built our monthly average to about 4,000 pageviews! It's fun to see that people from other countries are reading our blog. Not just Thailand, where my best friend Ann lives. But lots of people in the UK, Canada and Germany read our blog.
Pretty cool to track it.
As far as how people get to our blog, most of them just use the blog's URL. Many others get there through links I post on Facebook. Or by Googling my name, or linking from my old blog.

Okay, y'all. It's 9am, time for me to get a certain someone up and going for the day. Can't wait because I'm hungry and when I'm done with him, we eat! :)

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