Wednesday, January 5, 2011

And now, New Year's!

New Year's Eve was definitely pretty low key around here. I was wrapping up my clean-every-nook-and-cranny around here/make 47 lists/organize everything in the world/get rid of anything you can't absolutely live without phase. So, I ended up at the grocery store at about 9pm. Haha. I tried to take B doggie to Petsmart, for fun, but they were closed.

I came back home with the groceries we needed for the week, and a Stouffer's family size pan of chicken enchiladas. I popped those in the oven, and Michael and I watched a documentary about North Korea.

This probably sounds so painfully awful to most of you that this is how we spent our New Year's Eve. But it wasn't! At all! We thoroughly enjoyed it! We were together, we had food, we were watching something incredibly interesting (and heart breaking, pray for North Koreans!) on TV.

About 2 minutes before midnight, M switched the TV to the Rockin' New Year's Eve program with Ryan Seacrest and Dick Clark (bless his heart!) and we counted down and watched the ball drop. We had a champagne toast and a really, really long kiss. :)

Trying to take self portraits with an iPhone is challenging.

But, we did the best we could. The first kiss pic was a little too much for a family blog, haha!

New Year's Day, we decided we would start our own little New Year's tradition of going to Ikea and browsing/shopping/dreaming and then going to Starbucks and planning our goals/budget/calendar for the next year.

We have several friends from church who have recently taken little marriage retreats/planning getaways to do this kind of thing and we thought it was such a good idea! To intentionally get on the same page. What a good thing! We don't have the means for a getaway to do this right now, so we just had a Starbucks date. But it was very effective. And a trip to Ikea is just super fun anytime!

More about our 2011 goals, next.

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