Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving is my ultimate favorite holiday. Plus, road trips with Mr. Ritter are usually grand (as long as he doesn't get uncomfortable in the car, which unusually turns ME into a brat....) At any rate, that's where we start.
See how tall he is in the car! For long trips, M sits on his cushion and it makes him a giant. But I don't mind feeling small, so it's all good. We drove about 5 hours SW to Michael's Aunt Tonja and family's house, where we met up with his Papa, Miss Jean and his brother Jarred and his family. Good get together.

Theme #1 from this Thanksgiving. Greyson and McGregor.
Buds. G was following McG all over the place!
Theme #2. Aunt Tonja the couch hopper. Here she is with baby girl Marissa, and Papa.
Tonja on couch #2 with Miss Jean and Marissa.
Brody was so excited when we got there. He's at such a fun age where he wants to play with everyone! He is a cute kid and I can't believe how big he's getting!
Michael has this thing about biting children. I don't really get it, but I guess he doesn't hurt them because they always seem to come back for more! Brody knows the deal with his Uncle Mike.
G stopped following McGregor for a nano second to play the part of little drummer boy!
Then, the real rockers came in the room...

This is my incredibly smokin' hot sister-in-law, Crystal. So good to see her! Love this girl!!!
Michael and I both have little brothers who, without even trying, can make us feel like the most un-cool nerds on the planet. Why do little brothers do that so easily? Not fair! I can only hope that we bring on some sort of inferior complex too... like maybe we seem wise to them or something? Haha, I don't know. But, that's what's happening in this picture....
Jarred is explaining to us what cool jeans are. We are paying attention, while at the same time realizing, we will never be cool. Oh well.
Speaking of cool... Papa was explaining to Jarred here that he's ditched his landline and now you can only reach him via cell phone... just so you know.

The day after Thanksgiving, McGregor was getting some love from somebody else!
And Chef Caitlin put me to work in her Italian kitchen!!
She made an amazing meal!!!
Look at her in action! I wish I had these skillz when I was 14 years old!!!
Tonja's on couch #3 if you're still counting..
And, my sister says this should be an Apple commercial. I think it's more like Michael and me in 50 years :)
I love Papa and Miss Jean. They are soooo sweet together!
M and I (unsuccessfully) tried taking some self portraits...
Horrible, right? This is better, haha --
Even though it's out of focus.... we had a perfect Thanksgiving. Love food. Love family. Yeah!


Tonja said...

Love you too. Glad you could blog about my couch hopping. I just wanted to make sure I was in ALL the photos that you took while at our house. LOL. Love you both very much.

Patt P. said...

You are absolutely right. Hookers London