Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pets Everywhere!

Maybe it's the cold. I don't know. I do know the cold makes me want to snuggle. Maybe our pets are the same way?

Check Brokaw out, as we were finishing up breakfast...
Brokaw used to have a really bad habit of jumping up in M's lap. He doesn't really do it anymore, because he now understands Michael is the Alpha dog or whatever. But he did it on this particular day and I thought it was so cute, so I took a picture. I showed Michael, who replied, "Hey, I'm not really in there! I'm not just a piece of furniture."
Ok... take two...

*Note, Laundry Man has some work cut out for him there in the background*
Then Miss Katy jumped in the action... wanting a snuggle with me...
She gets jealous of the blackberry getting so much attention.
I am not generally fond of this cat's bad habit of jumping onto the dining room table... but she does make a nice snuggly pillow.

Of course, now that we've shown attention/affection to Brokaw and Katy, we had to show Princess some love, too. Of course, that means we have to go to her. Because life happens on Princess's terms. But it's all good, because Michael is used to working with a demanding diva. :)

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Tracy said...

Hahaha! Demanding Diva! I love you!