Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mr. Independent

Okay, so he's not exactly the Kelly Clarkson song... but my man never ceases to amaze me. Every now and then he just up and does something that you wouldn't think he could pull off.

It's amazing how much stuff he's started doing independently since we got married. I remember when we went on vacation with his family last May, his mom was super impressed at all the stuff he was doing on his own!

I was so proud. :) But, I realized, I don't really have that much to be proud of. He's the one doing the stuff. He should be so proud of himself! It doesn't really say anything about me, like I'm this great inspiration for independence or anything. What it does is it says something about him.

He does this stuff so I won't have to. Because he knows I already have so much to do. Like Friday, when I came home to him making grilled cheese sandwiches. In the toaster oven. Yeah!
So, his way of transporting the sandwiches from the toaster oven to the table may be a little unconventional...
Note Brokaw the helper dog, always available to offer assistance when it comes to food! (Licking his chops) Ha.

He's come a long way from the time I came home to rice all over the kitchen floor and a pot of water on the stove. I so almost had a heart attack that day as I explained to him, I will cook for you, please don't! I really don't want to put our renters' insurance to work and I don't have time for a trip to the burn unit...

Yep. Sandwiches are his thing. He made them again yesterday so we would have lunches for the next few days. I just finished one, it was yummy.

I used to feel the weight of doing everything a lot more when we first got married than I do now. I realized that yesterday because we actually did run into a situation where I ended up feeling that way. So thankful it's not like that anymore.

Yesterday, it was the Post Office. I need 11 priority mail boxes to mail the Christmas gifts I've made for our families. But the Post Office is only open during the hours I work, and since Michael doesn't drive, he can't get to it. We looked into ordering the boxes online, but found out it would take up to 7 days to get them. I was grumpy and pouty as I left yesterday morning for work.

I ended up ordering them online anyway. If people don't get their gifts until the Day after Christmas, sorry, that's just the way it is. Remember, I'm trying not to stress out about Christmas this year? :)

M and I had this little e-mail exchange about it yesterday:
Me: i never had a chance today to check on the post office situation until now.
it's 4:30 and the PO by the WH closed at 4pm and the one in Springfield closes at 5pm.
i just went ahead and ordered the boxes online. hopefully they will come faster than 7 days. we'll see... i think i might stop by target tonight and get bubble wrap.
or, maybe tomorrow, i don't know yet. i am a little tired. busy but good day! how was your day?

Michael: Good. I just couldn't get to the PO. So sorry.

Me: but you did get my oven fixed.**
and i love you for that. even if you can't get to the post office.
thank you very much for taking care of the oven!
that is priority over priority mail ANY DAY!!!
Love you BABE.

Michael: :) u made me grin.

**More about the oven later.

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