Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Laundry Man

I wouldn't say the household chores are evenly divided around here. But when you consider the circumstances, and the time and effort involved, they kind of are. Michael folds (pretty much) all of the laundry. It's not perfect. It's not exactly how I would do it. Although he has gotten better and faster in the year that he's been folding laundry! But, I'm thankful to come home to a basket full of folded laundry that's sorted his and hers and is ready to put away. Because I know he does it because he loves me and wants to contribute. And it's good enough to be stuffed into drawers and closets, for sure!

I love you, babe. Thanks for being the laundry man.

I secretly shot this video of M folding laundry one night while we were watching 24. Don't mind the TV in the background, it does sound like some love-making is going on, haha!


Anonymous said...


Diane Moody said...

How sweet is HE!? He's a keeper, Dana. Do you know how RARE it is for men to fold laundry?! Hubby of the Year Award stuff here!

And yeah, the background is a hoot. What WERE they doing?! LOL

Love you guys!

Jamie said...

Oh, the little things I take for granted. He's an inspiration to me!

Edmond G. Belanger said...

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